I really love this company they always have fast service and great product and always friendly and always have what you ... Read more
Crystal1973, 8 months ago
Honestly the best tasting and acting THC tea on the market!
MikeTorontox, 11 months ago
Love love love these teas! I balance between all options just depending on my day! Taste notes on each are delicious!
missbutter, 11 months ago
I’m not a tea person , but when I met this brand it did so many wonders. I’m IN LOVE with the sleep CBD 20mg. Keep it up I ca... Read more
jennifer2522, 11 months ago
Love the Success Prosperitea!!
Cryptoboyfriend, 2 years ago
Yummy!! ?
Kushking7o5, 3 years ago
This tea is perfect for winding down at the end of the day. A nice change from smoking and edibles.
Freya Ried, 3 years ago
The Sparkle and the Sleep are my two favourites! I honestly can't picture what life was like before having these teas in my d... Read more
michaelburns, 3 years ago