Belleville has been growing in the spotlight over the past few years thanks to its many qualities, such as a great university, a growing tech industry, and plenty of fun family activities to enjoy.

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Belleville residents looking for marijuana dispensaries offer various options when it comes to buying weed.

There are two major cannabinoids in the cannabis plant: THC and CBD, which act on the body alongside minor cannabinoids, and compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.


THC is a psychotropic compound, and is what is traditionally thought of as "weed". THC binds to the CB1 receptor in your brain, responsible for managing pain, nausea, mood, and mediation of your body's stress response. THC may also have antiseptic or anti-inflammatory properties that can help with skin conditions like psoriasis or acne.

Most products you will find in Ontario cannabis dispensaries, be they flowers, concentrates, vapes, edibles or any other products, will likely have THC in them.


CBD is another psychotropic compound in marijuana that has become popular recently due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Unlike THC, which binds to the CB1 receptor, CBD doesn't act on these specific receptors, instead acting on other receptors in the endocannabinoid system, reducing your body's stress response. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce the frequency or severity of panic attacks, and help with depression and anxiety disorders.

CBD products in Belleville marijuana dispensaries include tinctures, concentrates, vape oils and edibles.

FAQ Section

1. Where can I find a medical dispensary in Belleville?

Visit Leafythings' dispensaries section and filter out recreational dispensaries for an updated list of all medical weed dispensaries in Belleville. Bodystream is currently the most popular option for Belleville residents.

2. Can I buy weed online in Belleville?

Most weed dispensaries in Belleville have a website where you can place an order for pick-up, local delivery, or mail-order. Buying online provides advantages like online specials, menu updates, and fresh products at low prices.

3. What are the legal restrictions regarding weed in Belleville?

Both recreational and medical marijuana is legal in Canada, so you can rest assured that buying weed is a activity you can enjoy and savour. The only legal restriction in Belleville is to be 19+.