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If you have been browsing the web and trying to find the best selection of cannabis delivery companies in Aurora, you are on the right page. Whether you need weed for medical or recreational requirements or desire, now you can get marijuana with same day delivery and have your order on your doorstep at the same day.

Aurora, Ontario, is a great place to live and visit, and we at Leafythings believe that running a marijuana dispensary in Aurora, Ontario is a great idea. We want to help anyone who wants weed in Aurora to find what they need with ease.

Using Leafythings' marijuana dispensary directory, you can find all of the best weed dispensaries in Aurora, along with mail-order services, same-day weed delivery in Aurora, or any other marijuana dispensary in Canada. You can even find doctors who are willing to prescribe medical marijuana. 

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Not everyone lives close to a cannabis store in Aurora. If you are living in the suburbs or don’t feel like picking up your marijuana products yourself, you can now enjoy a same day weed delivery in Aurora in only a few clicks.

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The Best Cannabis Delivery Brands In Aurora

Our directory of cannabis delivery options also lets you sort through their user reviews and many other details that apply to each order. While some marijuana stores give free shipping on orders above $50, others offer the same thing for orders above $100. It is up to you to check our Aurora cannabis delivery directory and see which option fits your needs.

Most of the cannabis delivery options available on our website allow payments with cards, but there are also many that support cash payments upon delivery. With local drivers that are able to deliver your package within a couple of hours, you can now pick from the best weed delivery services and make a fast decision.

Premium Cannabis Delivery At The Most Competitive Prices

In times when marijuana delivery is not anymore a privilege but a common need, we give you the best selection of brands that work with same day delivery on any weed products of your choice.

The best thing about this service is that you can explore, visit new websites and see the best online stores with free marijuana delivery in your region. Our directory is transparent and full of user reviews, which also lets you read real experiences by people who ordered weed products from these websites.

Order Your Weed Online In Aurora At Any Time

From high quality flowers to marijuana edibles, various concentrates, shatter and CBD, shopping for weed products online is an enjoyable experience. Once you try it out, we are 100% confident that you will be comfortable with the same day cannabis delivery and recommend it to your friends.

Now, feel free to dive into our directory and see the best vendors. If you don’t know which one to choose, we are always here to help you – just give us a call or email to get expert help!

Which Dispensaries Are Available in Aurora?

There are nearly twenty marijuana dispensaries available in Aurora, and you can find all of them in our directory. Although Aurora has few dispensaries compared to nearby Toronto, you can be confident that each one will have a large range of products, and the cannabis dispensary employees will know exactly what they're selling. Weed dispensaries sell both cannabis flowers and concentrates, so it might be best to visit when you have plenty of time.

The shop’s menu offers a wide range of weed products, from edibles to potent concentrates. Aurora Express is one of the best local delivery shops in Canada; you can place an order through their website or by calling them, and they offer free delivery with a 2-hour window.

FAQ Section

1. Can I buy THC products in Aurora?

You can absolutely buy THC products in Aurora. There are only two suppliers of weed, and you'll find them both on Leafythings' marijuana dispensary directory. One is Jane's Cannabis Shop, and the other is Aurora Express, which you can order from at any time.

2. What is the legal age to buy weed in Aurora?

The legal age to buy weed or cannabis in Canada is 19, so if your ID proves that, you'll have no trouble finding a cannabis dispensary and getting served. Although you need to be 19 to purchase marijuana, you cannot share a said product with anybody under that age.

3. Can you buy shatter in Aurora?

As a form of concentrate, shatter is most definitely available in Aurora. It's not as easy to find as regular flowers, but it isn't impossible. Use our directory on Leafythings to find a weed dispensary in Aurora and you'll see that there are options available, and prices vary between pot shops.

As you may or may not know, consuming shatter isn't as simple as rolling a joint. You'll need a dab rig, which looks like a bong but has a nail instead of water for an attachment, or a vape, both of which are offered at your local weed dispensary.

4. Where can I find same-day marijuana delivery in Aurora?

Cannabis dispensaries like Aurora Express can provide the best weed delivery service Aurora has to offer, and stores like Sessions Cannabis Shop offer convenient walk-in pickup. Their website indicates that the average delivery takes two hours to complete, and you must order before the cutoff time of 7:30 pm to benefit from same-day delivery.