Weed Delivery In Kingston. Get your marijuana delivered to your home.
Kingston, Ontario

Finding reliable weed delivery in Kingston can be challenging. Despite the fact that the city sits almost halfway between Toronto and Ottawa, we’ve heard directly from Kingston citizens that they find themselves not receiving the same service or quality from weed delivery companies. That’s why LeafyThings has partnered directly with retailers and delivery services right here in Kingston - to provide fast, reliable and trustworthy service to the area.

What Can I Expect from Kingston Same Day Weed Delivery?

When one of our verified vendors in Kingston lists themselves as providing same day weed delivery, they certainly mean it, and we ensure that’s followed through with. Typically, you can make an order from the dispensary through an online portal, or often the phone. Our vendors carry a variety of products ranging from dried flower, to edibles, to concentrates, so you can choose whatever product you enjoy most, or something new if you want to try that as well!

Once you have completed your purchase and provided your Kingston address, the weed delivery company or the retailer themself will get to delivering your order. The one most important thing to keep in mind is that there is typically a time cut off (usually around 12-1pm) for same day delivery, keeping in mind the businesses have many other orders to deliver, so this is only possible if the orders are in ahead of time. So what does this mean for you? Get your order in before that cut off time!

Product Selection & How to Choose

If you’re an experienced cannabis user, it’s likely going to be easy for you to choose what products to order. But, rather than just go for that tried and true strain, it might also be a fun idea to try a new strain and mix it up! This goes for products such as shatter or live resin, if you’ve never tried them before.

For the beginner users or if you’ve never ordered for weed delivery before, it can be a little intimidating to order cannabis for delivery. Feel free to give us a call (or the vendor you select to place your order with) for some friendly advice and guidance on products to try. Keep in mind certain products require specialized accessories or gear to smoke properly, such as live resin. A user friendly product for a beginner is usually a vape cartridge (make sure you buy a battery!) or some dried flower, if you have a pipe or rolling papers. Enjoy!

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