April 9th, 2021  1:10 by Tommy P

Leaf Infusions is a company specialized in a turn-key approach to the cannabis-infused product such as beverages, edibles, oils and health product. The company vision is “a sustainable global cannabis industry in which Canada captures its fair share of the global cannabis industry’s profits, improves its GDP, enhances its employment opportunities, respects its environment, continues its tradition of innovation in cannabis through R&D and education, enables its market participants to penetrate new markets, and improves the lives of Canadian’s in Canada and beyond.

They focus on research and development, innovate new ways to deliver safe and quality products such as in-house THC & CBD infusion technologies utilizing the raw form of distillate or isolates from qualified licensed producers. Leaf Infusions can take control of each stage of the production process with the manufacturing and packaging of the products, running their in-house quality testing to make sure they deliver a premium quality product to the licensed regulated market of cannabis alternative product and eventually the new Cannabis health product (CBD) for the established Natural Health product Brands.

With facilities already established in Nevada and Tennessee, Leaf Infusions was looking into securing the required licenses to penetrate the Canadian market earlier this year and successfully did so after going through all the stages of license acquisition with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch and Health Canada. They needed to comply with all regulations and safety provisions of Health Canada about the process of food and beverages manufacturing.

Leaf Infusions on a vacant space in a commercial building on Tanaka Court in New Westminster. The head office of the Company will now be on Canadian soil.


According to APN News, the cannabis sector is the highest growing industry in Canada in 2020 with $2.6 billion in sales last year which is an increase of 120% from 2019. With more and more licensed retail stores opening around the country to become more able to handle the high demand and the discussions between the government regulatory agencies and the industry to change the current limit of THC levels permitted in cannabis-infused products, Brightfield Group projects the market cap for the cannabis market could reach $9 billion in 2026.  

The benefits of CBD becoming more and more known to the public and scientific studies confirming all the different ailments which can be treated with cannabidiol, it’s easy to see why the products containing CBD are gaining popularity. Pain relief, reducing anxiety and depression, alleviating certain cancer-related symptoms and improving sleep quality are just a few benefits. Professional leagues such as the National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, the MLB and the PGA are losing up the restrictions on the athlete who wish to use CBD products for recovery purpose and even certain associations removed cannabis from the banned substances list.

According to Statistics Canada, the sales of Cannabis edibles represent 16.8% and are steadily ramping up. Expected to grow to 30% of the cannabis market in a few years.

“Around 32% of Canadians are interested in trying cannabis, but they have some concerns, mostly about the smell, smoke and health issues. Because of this, most said that they were most interested in trying a non-smoke form of cannabis, with 66% saying they wanted to try ingestible cannabis products.” -Statistics Canada

While we wait for Leaf Infusions products to hit the shelves of Canadian licensed retailers, here is a few options available around New Westminster to score some good edibles.

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