Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg!  Leafythings was everywhere all at once for the Budtender Surprise and Delight Series hosted by Reef Agency.  The event was dope.  The theme?  Bong and Pong!  Hundreds of budtenders from across Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg all got together to play Bong and Pong alongside Leafythings and many other brands. 




The Bong and Pong tournaments weren’t the only thing that had the budtenders excited! Finger foods included everything from mini sliders, deep-fried pickles, grilled cheese sandwiches, and much more!  There was even a “Candy Mountain”. (A table stacked with all the candy you could imagine!) You could grab as much as you wanted.  Yum!


Alongside the food and the bong pong tournament, budtenders were lucky enough to meet with some of their favourite brands, including our friends at Coterie, Carmel, Shatterizer, Canopy, BZAM, Divvy, General Admission and more!  The brands offered information on some of their top-selling and upcoming new products; some even went as far as giving you samples of these products. We’re talking free pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and much more.  Of course Leafythings was on the scene giving away some favourite #LeafySwag items, such as our signature rolling trays, t-shirts and more.


The event was a huge success and Leafythings looks forward to Reef Agency’s upcoming Budtender Surprise and Delight Series in April hosted in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Saskatoon. For more information on this event Click Here!