Not too long ago, the Leafythings team hit the road and headed towards the town of Grand Bend, located in Lambton County in southwestern Ontario. Ready with a fully-packed van of swag bags filled with fun goodies like hats, water bottles, and an assortment of clothing pieces to hand out to beach-goers. 

The day began with #BurningANewLeaf, and the smoke of choice was Kush Kraft's Hawaiian Dutch Sativa pre-rolls. A beautifully balanced citrusy strain that left the crew feeling uplifted, energetic, and all vibing at the same frequency. 

The Leafythings van, well, that was, of course, running on the classic never let you down strain; Sour Diesel. 

Reaching Grand Bend around mid-day, the team decided to park right outside Ro's Fire Fusion Bar & Grill, and boy, was that a good choice. We quickly set up our famous photo booth and were ready for crowds to start rolling in (no pun intended). The calming sounds of the water nearby, coupled with the sun's warmth beating down, kept the whole team in high spirits. 

A few doors down from our set up spot was The Bend Cannabis Co., a licensed cannabis boutique with the friendliest budtenders.  This boutique is well known in the Grand Bend area for their Cafe/Lounge called Behind The Bend, ironically located right behind their main storefront.  

Behind The Bend Cannabis Co., a little pop-up market was also happening, called The Moonlight Market, which was such a hit! Here you could find things such as soy-based candles, miniature rolling trays, beautiful hand-made jewelry, and spliffs designed specifically for fairies. These were just some of the amazing things offered by vendors. 

Not too long after we set up, crowds of people pooled around our van, all waiting to see what was happening. The Leafythings team geared into action to make sure anyone we connected with knew who we were and had a chance for a photo-op. We also made sure they were leaving with a swag bag filled with goodies and a big smile on their face.  

As the day turned into night, spirits were high as everyone was enjoying every minute of that beautiful September day. The Moonlight Market was coming to an end, and all the vendors had decided to stop by to see us for some sweet swag bags and photo ops.

Afterward, almost everyone headed into Ro's Fire Fusion Bar & Grill for drinks and Karaoke! Overall, we would like to believe Leafythings left its mark on Grand Bend as we had everyone decked out in Leafythings merch from head to toe. Of course, we were sad to leave, as we'd made many new friends, but we know we will be back to celebrate some more with the friendly people of Grand Bend.