Friday the 13th was a hot and sunny day in Port Dover as thousands of bikers and motorcycle fanatics gathered together to celebrate the town's 40th Biker Rally! 

The crowds were filled with black leather jackets, leather fringes, and of course leather boots! All you could hear were loud engines revving, each cyclist trying to out show the other with their bike engines, custom equipment, and their full-on appearance.

 I was lucky enough to be a part of such a busy community event, handing out free gear including hoodies, water bottles, rolling trays, and some leafy goodies. 

 The Leafythings Van was also in attendance, parked across from The Beer Store. The van was full of swag and good vibes!  People were stopping by, grabbing some great pieces of Leafythings swag, and taking fun photos inside the LeafyThings van! “I’ve been waiting for you guys!” shouts one Leafythings fan. She was waiting all day for our arrival to get her hands on our Leafythings hoodies and rolling boards!

I started the day by walking around and checking out all the different types of motorbikes. From classic retro 80’s Harley Davidsons to the newest Kawasaki’s. There had to be over 10,000 different motorcycles, each one unique in its own way with custom pieces and colour schemes.

While walking around I couldn’t help but smell cannabis in the air! I decided it’s time to take on the streets with tote bags filled with leafy samples from our sponsors and give the people what they wanted! It didn’t take long till the word got out, the streets of Port Dover were quickly renamed to ‘Pot Dover’. 

The community began to notice the logo on the tote bags, and my blonde hair shining away. “WHAT STRAINS DO YOU HAVE,”, “HEY LEAFYTHINGS!” the bikers would shout at us from across the street.

After giving out tons of baggies filled with goodies at the pier and on the streets, I decided to refill and hit up the Budweiser Legion. Afterall, who doesn’t love a nice cold beer, a free baseball hat and some cannabis on a hot sunny day. It was instantly a huge hit!


Of course, we give the people what they want! After hitting up over 12 tables with 3-5 people per table our tote bags were empty and dry! We said our goodbyes, took more selfies, danced a bit to some old rock and roll classics and made our ways home. 

Overall it was a fantastic, busy, memory-filled day! The people of ‘Pot Dover’ were quickly transformed into Leafythings and Bubbles fanatics, posting blogs and photos all on our social media, raving about how we really turned out the experience begging for me to come back and dance! I would love nothing more but that!  Thanks for having us Pot Dover ! 

Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who attended!

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