Have you ever wondered what those little bubbles of a dark yellow sticky substance formulating on your cannabis plants are? 

A yellow-ish sap that exudates from the cannabis plant. Photo credit: THC Farmer

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Guttation and Transpiration

The truth is it all comes down to the process of guttation, wherein sap exudates from the cannabis leaf axils. This is not to be confused with morning dew however, which is H2O condensed from the atmosphere onto the plants' surface. It is also not sap-like or varying in colour like the substance created through guttation.

Morning dew is not caused by guttation but rather accumulation of water from the atmosphere. Photo Credit: Mastering Horticulture

All plants require water however it is not commonly known that only a small amount of water that is taken up by the roots of a plant is used for growth and metabolism. In fact, about 97 – 99.5% of water intake is lost through the processes of transpiration and guttation.

Transpiration is the process of water movement through the plant and its subsequent evaporation through the leaves, stems and flowers. This takes place during the day and usually does not take place at night. The reason for this is because at night, the stomata of the plant (which are pores in the epidermis of plant leaves, stems and other parts that facilitates gas and water evaporation) close.

Transpiration through the stomata. Photo Credit: Freepix

With these chambers closed at night, the process of guttation takes over. If the soil the cannabis plant resides in is high in moisture content over night, this water will enter through the plant roots which then cause pressure in the roots. This pressure then forces some of the water to exude through the leaf axil, leaf tips, edge structures and hydathodes (modified pores) in the form of sticky drops. So, rather than water evaporation, a sap will form. 

Sap bubbles caused by guttation process. Photo Credit: Reddit

This sap can vary in colour from clear, to tan to a dark red. It contains organic and inorganic compounds such as sugars, potassium and mineral nutrients. It is completely harmless and has a sweet aroma and taste to it. 

If sap is accumulating on outdoor cannabis plants, be mindful that this sweet sap is a tasty treat to unwanted visitors such as insects and pests.