Toronto's Caribana, also known as The Toronto Caribbean Carnival, is a world-renowned celebration of Caribbean culture, music, and heritage. Millions gather yearly to participate in the colourful parades and lively festivities. This year, Leafythings teamed up with 6ixBuzz to make history at Caribana. This collaboration marked Leafythings as the first cannabis company to participate in Caribana's festivities officially.  

At the heart of Leafythings' presence was a massive pink banner proudly displaying the company's branding. This banner brought colour to the 6ixBuzz float. Alongside the float was also home to Allure Carnival, a performance art group renowned for its exquisite Caribana costumes. The collaboration between Leafythings and Allure Carnival was a match made in celebration heaven, combining the vibrant and immersive experience of Caribana with the innovative spirit of cannabis culture.

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Leafythings didn't stop at elevating the vibe –  we also shared some of the finest cannabis products from Leafythings with the Caribana crowd. Attendees were treated to samples from dope cannabis brands, including Oh My Buds, KushKraft, CAFE, Mohawk Medibles, Wesley Tea, and Herb Angels. Leafythings' commitment to showcasing the best in the cannabis industry was evident through these products.

Notably, the float hosted some special guests who added to the excitement. Kyle Forgeard, Salim The Dream, and Jimmy Gambles from the Nelk Boys, popular influencers known for their daring and entertaining content, were aboard the Leafythings float, enjoying the festivities and sharing the experience with their followers.

Caribana is known for its sweltering summer heat, and Leafythings was prepared to keep the partygoers cool. Drawing from their experience at events like Electric Island and Boiler Room, Leafythings had thousands of towels on hand, which became an unexpected hit among the crowd. The towels helped combat the heat and became a cherished souvenir of the event.

Leafythings' presence at Caribana symbolized more than just a celebration; it marked a milestone in accepting cannabis into mainstream festivals and events. As the first cannabis company to participate in Caribana, Leafythings shattered barriers and paved the way for future collaborations celebrating cannabis culture and diverse festivities.

Leafythings' historic collaboration with 6ixBuzz at Toronto's Caribana brought together the worlds of cannabis and Caribbean culture in a celebration.  Leafythings is redefining what it means to celebrate, connect, and enjoy the best that both cannabis and culture have to offer. Stay tuned to Leafythings on Instagram @leafythingscanada or on our Facebook group, the LeafythingsLounge

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