Have you ever found yourself googling things like, “How to make a bong”, “How to roll a joint”, “What are the best ways to smoke weed” or “How to keep my keep my weed fresh”? I certainly know I have. 

Every cannabis user has their favourite go-to smoking apparatus and that choice is unique to each one of us. As new methods to smoking weed are popping up all the time, it is challenging to determine the “best way”. There are a number of ways we can evaluate the quality of the method such as: easiest way to smoke weed, most efficient way to smoke weed, most cost-effective ways to smoke weed and so forth.

It all comes down to the individual users’ preference - the best way is your best way. In this blog we will explore the popular ways that cannabis is smoked and provide some pros and cons associated with each.


Vaporizers deserve a spot at the top of the list as they are the healthiest way to smoke weed. Rather than burning the herb which in turn creates smoke that you inhale, the vaporizer heats up the herb without combustion. The reason you are still able to get high is because the cannabinoids in the herb burn at a much lower temperature than that of the flower. Jordan from Know Your Vape adds that "you are able to inhale the cannabinoid without inhaling burned leaf and tar to enjoy a smooth, clean, and sweet taste and overall more pleasant experience."

No method is without its vices! Some cons for the vape is that one, it does tend to take a few extra hits to achieve the same high relative to others, and quality vapes can get expensive.

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Glass Pipes

The glass pipe is by far the most convenient on-the-go weapon of choice when it comes to smoking pot. Also commonly referred to as bowls, they are quick and efficient and as such reign the most common utensil that pot smokers use.

The pipe is small enough to fit just about anywhere and very simply to use. All that you need to do I pack the bowl with your weed, hold the choke with your thumb if there is one, and light it up! Pipes, along with bongs have become amazing works of glass art that creative beautiful aesthetics in the home.

Beware though, glass pipes are very easy to break and I can attest to that. They also do not provide as large hits as say, a bong would. Also, if you are smoking with a large group this little bugger is going to get old fast. And they get clogged quiet easily, quickly leaving a bitter resin aftertaste.


Bongs and bubblers are smoking devices that rely on layer of water at their base. This water-base allows you to inhale the smoke through a submerged tube that cools the smoke with the surrounding water before hitting your lungs. This tube also filters the hit from some of the resin and other harmful components otherwise inhaled.

To light your hit, you simply pack and light the bowl, slowly inhale and then remove the bowl when ready to take the chamber.

Though the bong packs you with a powerful hit, it is decidedly less convenient than the pipe and other options that are available. It is also worth noting that plastic and acrylic bongs may be more dangerous to your health than the glass ones.


You can always rely on a good ol’ doobie. The joint is the perfect nostalgia point for many as it provides you with joys of a simple way to smoke pot. It is a long-time favorite not only for its simplistic ease ability, but you can also find a pack of rolling papers at any convenience store. A quick roll up and you can tuck it away until you find the perfect place to light it up. It is also a great social option as it goes around the circle quickly and keeps everyone engaged with one another at its focal point.

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The Hookah is hands down the best method of smoking in a social situation as it alone helps make the event. Unlike the joint, you don’t have to rely on the puff-puff-pass unwritten rule as everyone gets to partake at the same time with the hookah’s four or more nozzles attached to it.

This method isn’t necessarily about getting super stoned, but more about chilling and socializing. It is recommended to add shisha tobacco, which comes in a variety of flavours.

Though a fun social activity, be mindful that this is a pretty wasteful way to smoke you weed.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are usually set aside for the seasoned toker who have a high tolerance and looking for right proper buzz. With the dab rig, the user has to use a torch to heat up nail in the dab rig. After a quick cool-down of 10-15 seconds, the concentrate is added to the dabber which then touches the heated nail while you inhale.

This method is an extremely powerful one and can usually take as little as one hit to get stoned. However, it does get expensive with all the equipment for some, not to mention a hassle. The concentrate itself can also lend itself to the expensive side. If you are looking to order some concentrate, check out Dank Delivery!

So really, as I said at the beginning, the right way really is your way.

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