Cannabis pens are a convenient, popular, and modern way to enjoy weed and attain your preferred high wherever you go. Vape pens are light, pocket-sized, and extremely portable. It’s easy to throw a weed pen in your pocket, bag, or purse and take a hit when you need it. There’s also a huge array of weed pens available on the market right now, which means that finding the perfect pen for you might be more overwhelming a task than you think.

Thankfully, we’ve put together this guide where we break down the different types, provide some necessary feedback, and compare the similarities and differences between them. There are many things to consider when choosing the best weed pen, and there’s more than just weed strain and flavor. 

What Are Weed Pens?

Weed pens or vape pens are a omni-useful term for this series of devices that vaporizes cannabis so that it can be instantly inhaled. People and companies refer to these devices as “pens” because of the size and shape of their design: they’re compact, cylindrical, and slender like writing pens. 

Many weed pens have similar components. The weed pen breakdown includes a battery, a mouthpiece, a power button or inhaling button, and sometimes a temperature control or LCD screen to indicate settings such as battery life and heat settings. 

Vape pens contain a battery and cannabis oil cartridge. Some vape pens are reusable, while many are disposable and feature a sealed body with a battery and cartridge that are supposed to be thrown away once used. You can purchase cartridges and batteries for the reusable models, depending on the laws of your state. It’s also important to always read the label and stay aware of what you’re getting into with vape pens—some weed pens contain unsafe ingredients, and you should only purchase weed pens from licensed dispensaries and online retailers that can guarantee the safety of their devices and oils.

Dab Pens

There are also dab pens, sometimes called wax pens, which are used to consume dabs. They’re more or less the same in design but might require a little more knowledge to use compared to a weed pen. Cannabis concentrates are more intense than cannabis oil cartridges, and typically you must place weed concentrate or cannabis wax into a chamber in the device before you consume it. Dab pens do require more work, but allow you to inhale many cannabis concentrates such as shatter, wax, or budder. 

Dab pens are traditionally safer and more portable than dab rigs since they don’t require a blowtorch, complicated devices, or glassware. You should also be aware that dab pens are much hotter than traditional weed pens, and require more upkeep to keep them functioning. If you’re new to smoking cannabis, or you don’t have experience with dab pens, you should be aware of their pros and cons before use.

Flower Vape Pens

Different from weed pens and dab pens, flower vape pens allow you to vaporize whatever cannabis flower you want. They’re slightly larger and wider than a disposable vape, but flower vaporizers contain the same components as a vape pen and don’t require you to pack a bowl or roll a joint. Similar to the dab pen, flower pens require consistent maintenance and cleaning to keep them working well since they use raw cannabis ingredients.

Finding The Best Weed Pen For You

Weed pens all share many things in common, such as design, function, and components. All of them are portable and convenient and are battery operated so that you don’t have to fuss with things while using them. They’re extremely handy and the choice for many modern cannabis users because of their portability. 

When selecting the best weed pen, you should consider your recreational or medical needs and what you’re ultimately looking for in a vaping experience. The main differences really come down to cannabis material, overall maintenance, and cost. 

All vape pen types come in various flavor options. Popular choices can be used right out of the box—typically you can just go to the store, purchase your weed pen, and use it immediately. The reusable types have cartridges and batteries that are typically universal, and you can choose weed based on style, price, strain, and cannabinoid. Disposable pens can be the most affordable weed option for many people and don’t contain any of the mess of bongs or joints. Many cannabis users hoping for a more discreet high will go with the vape pen option.

While flower pens and dab pens might be slightly more challenging to use, they also add some flexibility to your vaping session. Dab pens and flower pens, as well as reusable pens, let you load your cannabis or concentrates right into the heating chamber. You can set your temperature and you’re ready to go. Since flower pens follow the same basic function, changing out the cannabis of your choice is easy and simple. All vape pens also have additional options and quality based on the price point—if you go with the more expensive option, you can find a vaporizer device that can last for years. No matter what, you should always go with a brand you trust and a cannabis strain that you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Weed Pens Expensive?

The average cost of weed pens can vary anywhere between $15 to $100 depending on model and quality. There are many factors that can affect costs, such as design, battery size, and cannabis material. Dab pens and flower pens can be more expensive, sometimes selling between $150 and $200, but that’s because these are higher-quality devices designed to last through repeated uses.

Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

There are pros and cons to vaping and smoking, especially when health is a concern, but the ultimate choice comes down to your needs and medical conditions. Vaping and smoking produce similar highs, but both can transfer harmful toxins due to inhalation. Any time cannabis material is vaporized, there is a chance that you can inhale ingredients that are not good for you—this is especially true for lower-quality products. While vaping results in less coughing than burning flower, there is no definitive evidence to say that vaporizing cannabis is that much safer than smoking it. 

Should I Buy Reusable Pens? How Long Does The Battery Last?

Dab pens typically last a few days, and the battery should last long enough to fulfill the life of the cannabis cartridge. While the battery lifespan depends on your consumption rate and battery size, it can also depend on the quality of the pen materials such as the heating coil.

Do I Have To Turn Off My Weed Pen?

Most weed and vape pens have an on/off switch, but the disposable models typically have single-button use. You should remove your battery and cartridge from your reusable pens when not in use to extend the life of the device.