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I have purchased the yumm gummies a few times now and they are one of the only ones i found to be accuratly dosed
sabersmokeking, 2 years ago
Best edibles
femilo6666, 2 years ago
yumm gummies are so tasty and accurately dosed. Purchased mine from JRU in new market, 2 years ago
1000mg bars are wow. Great dosage, much better high and taste then shatter bars.
joediesel, 2 years ago
Good taste and effect I’ve been buying them for a couple months and always kick and support my city Tdot.
smokesum, 3 years ago
Great gummies, taste and high one of the best I had
gonzalezhag74, 3 years ago
Service is good. Happy with you thanks
Mubbashar, 3 years ago
love the canna choc bars. Much tastier and higher dosage then shatter bars. The 1000mg from these guys i found gave me a muc... Read more
Mzahedi, 3 years ago
I purchased your gummies from my local delivery service and love it. Truly felt the 500mgs, other companies offer high thc b... Read more
Jeffy420, 3 years ago
We are an online delivery service in souther ontario and have been carrying the PX canna bars and Yumm gummies for over 3 mon... Read more
Stevengrn, 3 years ago
Great company, i ordered their 1000mg chocolate bar and yumm gummies. Way better taste and high then shatter bars. Love the q... Read more
Joefitz, 3 years ago
These edibles are tasty as ****. Sweet with no after taste. The high is as advertised strong and lasting. I've tried many i... Read more
GARETH R, 3 years ago


The PlatinumX Extraction team consists of leading professionals in the cannabis extractions field with many years of research and product development. Our product is handcrafted using the highest grade of full-spectrum distillate from premium flower-based plants. From gourmet confection to a wide range of edibles, we are constantly introducing new product lines to the market. Our facilities are fully sanitized and our product is lab tested for consistent delivery of THC with every bite. Our product line include Yumm Gummies which consist of 500mg THC per pack of 12 different flavours available in both sativa and indica. PlatinumX Canna Bars include 500mg and 1000mg of THC, available in 5 gourmet flavours in both sativa and indica.