Our 4/20 came early this year! Leafythings attended one of many 4/20 celebrations on April 16th at the Lifted Market alongside 15+ other vendors including our friends at Euphoria Extractions and Stellar Edibles!

The market was so dope and packed with cannabis consumers stocking up on goodies for their 4/20 shenanigans. Leafythings was once again on the scene making sure everyone was fully decked out in #LeafySwag. The crew was handing out some fun pink, neon yellow and white t-shirts, each with different sayings such as “This Is My Weed Smoking Shirt”, and “These Edibles Aren’t Hitting”. We even had some of our signature rolling trays, exclusive tie-dye ball caps, bucket hats, and of course some edibles to give away. The #LeafySwag was a hit! Everyone was so excited to get their very own swag and join the “cool club” as some of the Leafythings community calls it.

The market had a ton of exciting things to offer. They had local Toronto artist Beck selling art pieces, as well as a local tattoo artist who was giving away some free tattoos! Oh, and not to mention all of the free weed, edibles and concentrates being shared between consumers and vendors. The sense of community was strong at the Lifted Market. 

Leafythings had a blast seeing all of the familiar and new faces at the Lifted Market, and we look forward to attending more markets and events across Canada.

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